Finals, End of LT and Sections, and Club Leadership

We’re in the midst of Term 4 exams at Darden. This may come as a surprise to some of you but the exam period is often the most relaxing in the term. When classes are in full swing, we’re busy with case preparation, networking/recruiting activities, club events and various competitions. All of this dies down for the exam week. Additionally, we’re free to give exams anywhere and at any time of the day. There are a lot of folks that leave Charlottesville and take exams from the comfort of their homes. Others finish up all their exams in a couple of days and take the remaining 4-5 days of the exam period to relax. Of course you always have a few diligent hard-workers (or unprepared slackers, depending on your perspective) like me who will be taking exams in the library until the last day. 🙂

Besides the onset of exams, the end of term 4 classes was bittersweet for another reason. When we return from spring break, we’ll have a few weeks together with our sections but then begin taking electives. While I’m excited about the classes I’ll be taking (Valuation, Global Financial Markets and Entrepreneurship), I’m going to miss the familiarity and comfort of working with my learning team and section on a daily basis.


During the last few weeks of term 4, we also had elections for a change of guard in the leadership of the various clubs and organizations at Darden. I played an active role in several clubs over this year and am excited about working closely with the leadership team of these organizations to continue the good work done by the Class of 2013. In particular, I’ll be the Senior Portfolio Manager of the Rotunda Fund in Darden Capital Management, a student-run fund that manages over $6.5 million of the school’s endowment and provides students with the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in investment analysis and portfolio management. Given my interest in development and social impact, I’ll also be serving as a Vice President for Net Impact and the Emerging Market Development Club. Finally, I’ll be continuing my work on the Admissions Committee as we plan Darden Days for admitted students and of course the most fun position of them all – a Darden Student Blogger!

That’s enough procrastination – I’m off to study for my Operations final.

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5 Responses to Finals, End of LT and Sections, and Club Leadership

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